HOOKABA || India's Premium LED Backpack Brand
  • the world of Hookaba

    Born from a passion for evolving and merging fashion with technology, we're setting out to redefine style with our innovative LED-infused products.

    We are fueled by a shared goal: to bring out products that not only look good but also make a statement of self-expression. With determination and creativity, we face all the challenges coming our way head-on, turning them into opportunities for growth and learning.

    At Hookaba, we believe that every obstacle is a chance to shine brighter. Our journey may be just beginning, but our passion and dedication are unwavering. We're committed to staying true to our vision, pushing the boundaries of what's possible, and to inspiring others to do the same.

  • HOOKABA || India's Premium LED Backpack Brand
  • our purpose

    We aspire to redefine modern style, leaving a lasting cultural imprint through cutting edge products that enhances daily life and help you express yourself.

  • hookaba is a stand out fashion brand

    Stand Out

    Hookaba is synonymous with cutting-edge fashion that commands attention. Each product is meticulously crafted to stand out in a crowd, with bold designs and striking features that make a statement.

  • hookaba is a expressive brand

    Your Expression

    We celebrate individuality and self-expression through our innovative designs. Each product is a canvas for creativity, allowing our patrons to showcase their unique personalities and tastes.

  • hookaba is a Versatile brand

    Be Versatile

    Our products effortlessly adapt to diverse lifestyles and occasions, ensuring style and functionality. From urban commutes to outdoor escapades, our versatile designs are your go-to companions.

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