Glint Gaze LED Mask

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₹ 699
₹ 699
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Color: Blue
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Glint Gaze LED Mask

₹ 1,298 ₹ 699

Glint Gaze LED Mask

₹ 1,298 ₹ 699
Color: Blue


Customer Reviews

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Nidhi Kumari
Took me by surprise!

I cannot say enough positive about this product and the seller. I bought this product as a joke on Amazon but the quality and build has truly surprised me. Love how cool it looks.

Piyush Bansal
My nephew called me the coolest uncle on Earth after I got him a pair of these glasses! :D

It was a gift for my nephew, it freaked him out, you can see through the mask and it has a lot of colours. It works perfectly. It does not weigh too much, battery and charger cable.

Aziz Hussain
Festive must haves

Bought this for a festival and it did not disappoint. So many compliments and it lasted all night. Love it!


What Exactly Is an LED Light Mask?

An LED light mask is a wearable accessory that illuminates with vibrant LED lights, making it perfect for parties, festivals, and events like Halloween and birthdays.

This mask uses 2 AA Batteries. These batteries last for atleast 12-14 hours (3 to 4 parties)

These are free size LED masks. These come with Premium Elastic strap to ensure a comfortable fit for all face sizes.

Yes, this mask uses 2 AA batteries. These batteries need to be bought separately. The batteries are easily replaceable.

This is non rechargeable mask. You just need to replace batteries.

Our LED masks are designed to be safe with minimal heat emission. However, avoid looking directly into the lights for extended periods.

No, our LED masks are not waterproof. Avoid exposure to water to prevent damage.

Check the batteries and replace them if needed. If the problem persists, contact our customer service for assistance. Normally these masks are designed to last for 4-5 parties

Ensure the mask is securely fitted, avoid direct eye contact with the lights, and do not use it in wet conditions.

This mask has 3 modes: Stable light, Slow Flash, Fast Flash. You need to use the power button given on the adaptor to change modes

No, these masks do not have any warranty. You can replace the product within 7 days, in case there is any manufacturing defect. These mask can easily last for 4-5 parties (10- 12 hours)