Lume Grip LED Wrist Band

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₹ 499
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Color: Blue
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Lume Grip LED Wrist Band

₹ 998 ₹ 499

Lume Grip LED Wrist Band

₹ 998 ₹ 499
Color: Blue


Customer Reviews

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Hitesh Ahuja
Increases visibility at night road when you're riding or walking

The LED lights are super bright and are great for night runs! They make me feel safe. Easy to use and comfortable to wear

Neha Rao
Bachelorette Proof

I bought these for my bachelorette party, me n my besties had a great time at the Goa beach shacks wearing these ;)

Faisal Aziz
Best for party, music concerts, house parties

Party essentials for sure! These wrist bands are so cool, the colour is bright and lasts a long time. I loved these.


How do I turn on the LED wristband/Bracelet?

Press the small button on the wristband/Bracelet to turn on the lights.

Our LED wristbands/Bracelet are waterresistant but not fully waterproof. Avoid submerging them in water.

No. These are fixed and free size wristbands/Bracelet. Can easily fit in different wrist sizes comfortably.

This wrist band/Bracelet uses non replaceable no rechargeable battery that can last for atleast 10hrs+ (3 to 4 parties)

No, This wrist band/Bracelet uses non replaceable battery.

This is non rechargeable wristband/Bracelet.

There is no customization in this wrist band/Bracelet. Whicever color you buy, that color will glow constantly on the band (once the power is on)

Yes, our LED wristbands/Bracelet are great for night runs and exercises, providing visibility and safety. Make sure they are securely fitted to avoid discomfort.

No, these wrist bands/bracelets do not have any warranty. You can replace the product within 7 days, in case there is any manufacturing defect. These wrist bands/bracelets can easily last for 2-3 parties.